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Stockmarketguide.org has been mooted with the sole purpose of educating the stock market investor. All terms referred here will be with respect to stocks and stock markets unless otherwise mentioned. The site is totally free for visitors and income for the website is generated by selling advertising spaces.

The information is split into 3 levels viz. Guide to start, Guide to knowledge and Guide to be an expert.

Spending 30 minutes at the section Guide to start, one should be fairly equipped to talk about stocks and stock markets in a group. In this section we will through some light on all the basic aspects of stock market. You can skip this section, if you can answer all the questions given at the end of this section. We do not recommend you to start investing even if you understand all these aspects unless and until you read the next section and understand the various aspects of decision making.

Spending 7 days at the rate of 30 minutes a day at Guide to knowledge will make oneself knowledgeable about stock market and make investment decisions. This section will cover many of the fundamental aspects in detail and a bit of market movement patterns (Technical analysis) . If you think you have enough knowledge about stock market right now and like to skip this section, Kindly answer the set of questions at the end of this section and make yourself comfortable. As a investor, this section is very important in order not to get cheated or carried away.

Spending 30 days at the rate of 30 minutes a day at "Guide to become an expert" should help you to become a Stock market expert or stock market consultant or stock market analyst or what ever you may please to call your self. This section will cover fundamentals of a stock in more detail and more on technical analysis. Kindly go through the section and become a "stock market guru".

How the stock market works?

A stock market is a platform to buy and sell stocks. The stock quotes are decided by demand and supply.

Stock markets used to be market place where a group of buyers and sellers used to gather together and express the willingness to buy/sell a stock at a willing price. Whenever the two match a deal took place.

with the advent of IT, now the stock markets have become almost paperless. Now you open a trading account with a broker, transfer the requisite amount and you can start trading in stocks from home.

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Setting up a business
What is a stock ?
What is debt ?
Secondary market?
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Rights Shares
Guide to knowledge
Fundamental Analysis
Diluted Earnings per Share
Financial Results
Book Value
Guide to be an expert
Technical Analysis
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Stock Market Glossary
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